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Máy khối phổ định danh vi khuẩn VITEK® MS

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Identification within minutes
Extremely simple workflow
High performances
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With the VITEK® MS IND MALDI TOF mass spectrometry system, discover the latest technology for microbial identification and get reliable results within minutes.

VITEK® MS, MALDI-TOF for Identification, is now AOAC RI certified!
AOAC® Performance TestedSM  (certificate n°011501)


Extremely fast identification with efficient workflow

Revolutionizing microbial identification with incredibly short time-to-result, the VITEK MS system is extremely easy to use, requires minimal reagents while optimizing workflow

VITEK MS database : the pillars for high performance

The system database contains a large number of specific microorganisms for the food industry, increasing identification accuracy.

  • Species represented by population : specific species’ characteristics can be revealed
  • Average of 18 isolates per species from different fields (clinical, food and pharma) and geographical origins (Asia, America, Europe)
  • Average of 40 spectra per species : several culture media and instruments

Benefits of the VITEK MS identification system

State-of-the-art system, VITEK MS is the future of microbial identification : 

  • Extremely short time-to-result: a few minutes for a reliable result
  • High throughput : capability to identify up to 192 isolates per run
  • Less hands-on time : simpler workflow
  • Easy to use : no gram staining and microscopic observation is required
  • Fast and flexible method : multiple users can prepare samples simultaneously to save time
  • High performing identification : no need to outsource routine identifications to costly laboratories
  • Informative and easy to read results
  • Traceability : slides are barcoded and software is easy-to-use






The VITEK® MS system relies on mass spectrometry, an analytical technique which determines the elemental composition of a sample. It is the latest technology for microbial identification

MALDI-TOF : Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization – Time of Flight analyzer

To perform identification, the sample to be analyzed is mixed with another compound : the matrix.
When the mixture is applied to a metal plate and irradiated with a laser, the matrix vaporizes and the sample gains an electrical charge, whose mass-to-charge ratio is measured.


To identify microorganisms, the VITEK MS:

  • Ionizes the sample thanks to matrix and laser reaction
  • Uses an electric field to accelerate the ions through the same potential
  • Measures the time they take to reach the detector – Time of Flight
  • Spectrum is sent and compared to a database
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