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Kính hiển vi phẫu thuật 3D Leica TrueVision Integrated 3D

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- Processor Intel® Quad Core™ i7.
- Graphic Card: Over 1,000 GPU Cores
- RAM 16 GB DDR3
- Hard Drive: 1 TB storage space
- Recording: 50 hours plus of 3D HD video
- Burner: Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD read + write
- Operating system: Windows 7 embedded
- Imaging software: TrueWare™ OS 3D
- Interfaces: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, VGA, Ethernet and HDMI ports S-Video and Composite (input)
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HD Visualization & Recording TrueVision Integrated 3D


Leica Microsystems and TrueVision® have collaborated to integrate TrueVision Smart 3D surgical visualization and recording into the Leica M720 OH5 and Leica M525 OH4 surgical microscopes.


TrueVison 3D can greatly enhance microsurgery education, providing all staff and students with the same 3D view as the surgeon.


As the TrueVision Smart 3D is built in, set-up time is minimized and OR space is freed up. 3D functions are controlled directly via the microscope controls, avoiding interruption to workflow. Editing of recordings in 2D and 3D is fast and simple with TrueEdit® editing software.


What is more the TrueVision 3D platform is upgradable to support future surgical guidance applications.



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info@redstarvietnam.com       091-5567-885


 TrueVision Integrated 3D



Your Advantages



Enhance Your Teaching Program

Thanks to TrueVision® 3D surgical imaging, assistants, nurses and students can now share the same 3D view as the surgeon. Studies show that 3D visualization improves understanding, engagement and knowledge retention*. 2D and 3D HD surgical video can be simultaneously streamed to monitors in the operating room or over distance and recorded for future 3D surgical training. *2010 Texas Instruments educational study


Simplify Your Operating Room

TrueVision® 3D is fully integrated into the surgical microscope, which means no external cart or cables. Valuable OR space is saved and no additional setup time is required. Recording functions are integrated directly into the microscope hand controls, so the surgeon has no interruption to his workflow.


Save Time with Easy Video Editing

With the intuitive TrueEdit® proprietary video editing software, 2D and 3D surgical video can be edited and shared simply and efficiently. The TrueEdit® software also offers the versatility to work with multiple ;media formats.



Own the Platform for Future Applications

Leica Microsystems' modular design and OpenArchitecture™ allow for easy upgrades and integration of digital imaging and data systems. The TrueVision® Smart 3D system is the only software-based 3D platform, and is also upgradable for future surgical guidance applications.


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Surgical Microscopes with Smart 3D Inside

The world's first surgical microscope with built-in 3D HD visualization and recording.


Simple 2D and 3D Recording

Recording functions are seamlessly integrated into the microscope hand controls, avoiding interruption to surgical workflow and allowing easy operation through the sterile drape.


Integrated 3D Camera

TrueZoom® 3D HD camera is fully integrated into Leica M720 or Leica M525 optics. Multiple configuration options are possible, offering the flexibility to work in 3D while maintaining both the rear and side optical assistants.


3D HD 1080p Monitor

A 3D HD 1080p monitor allows viewing in 2D or 3D, as well as simulteaneous 3D and 2D streaming to external monitors. Quickly and easily switch between 3D or 2D visualization and recording, to customize the setup for your team and environment.