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Kính hiển vi điện tử quét cho phân tích SU-70

Model: SU-70
Tình trạng: Liên hệ
The Hitachi SU-70 Analytical Field Emission SEM combines the field proven stability, high current and brightness of the Schottky electron source with ultra high resolution required for a multitude of analytical applications. Designed with a semi-in-lens optical configuration, Hitachi's patented ExB technology provides a unique electron signal filtering and mixing system suited for today' s demanding applications for research and development and multidiscipline studies.
A large specimen stage and analytical chamber accommodate a wide variety of analytical instrumentation such as EDS*, WDS*, EBSP*, CL*, STEM, and e-Beam Lithography techniques optimized for simultaneous analysis.
The SU-70 Analytical FESEM continues the tradition of industry leading technology with the quality and reliability of Hitachi products and services recognized throughout the industry.

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Giá bán: Liên hệ

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Ultra High Resolution Imaging; 1 nm/15 kV, 1.6 nm/1 kV (with Beam Deceleration Moda)*
Ultra high resolution performance made possible with Hitachi's patented semi-in-lens optical design and electron gun technology.


In-lens SE and BSE Signal Filtering and Mixing Mode
Permits SE and BSE signal collection and control to eliminate or reduce specimen charging and enhance compositional contrast information.


Sub Nanometar Level Surface Observation at Ultra Low Accelerating Voltages
Provides high resolution, sub nanometer level surface observation at a ultra low accelerating voltage down to 100V by utilizing the electron beam deceleration function.


Maximum Probe Current of 100nA or Greater Available with the Field Proven Schottky Eleclron Source
High current and high resolution is optimized for analytical techniques such as EDS, WDS, EBSP, CL, and e-Beam lithography for increased productivity and throughput.


EBSP Analysis In Field Free (FF) Mode
Hitachi's unique FF mode eliminates the projected magnetic field of the objective lens associated with semi-in-lens technology thus eliminating artifacts during analysis of magnetic samples and with EBSP applications.


Large Analytical Specimen Chamber
Designed to optimize the simultaneous analysis of a wide variety of analytical techniques such as EDS, WDS, EBSP, CL and e-Beam Lithography by optimizing the analytical detector solid angle and maintaining high resolution.



Secondary electron resolution

1.0 nm guaranteed (at accelerating voltage of 15 kV, working distance of 4 mm)
1.6 nm guaranteed (at accelerating voltage of 1 kV, working distance of 1.5 nm, in deceleration mode
2.5 nm guaranteed (at accelerating voltage of 1 kV, working distance of 1.5 mm, in standard mode)


Low magnification mode: 25 to 2,000x
High magnification mode: 100 to 800,000x
(The magnifications indicated above are based on the reference display size of 127 mm × 95.3 mm.)

Electron Optics

Electron gun

ZrO/W Schottky emission

Probe current

≥100 nA guarenteed (at accelerating voltage of 30 kV)

Accelerating voltage

0.5 to 30 kV (in standard mode)

Irradiation voltage

0.1 to 2.0 kV (in deceleration mode)*1

Lens system

3-stage electromagnetic lens system

Objective lens aperture

Click-stop, 4 position heated aperture

Stigmator coil

octapole electromagnetic type (X, Y)

Scanning coil

2-stage electromagnetic deflection type

Beam blanking

Electromagnetic type (operated at the time of image capture)

Specimen stage

Stage movement

5-axis motor drive

Movable ranges

X: 0 to 110 mm
Y: 0 to 110 mm
Z: 1.5 to 40 mm
T: -5 to + 70 mm
R: 350°

Maximum allowable specimen size

150 mmΦ (standard)
200 mmΦ (option)

Image shift

±20 µm (at working distance of 15 mm)


Everhart Thornly Secondary Electron Detectors (upper and lower detectors)

Display system


OS: Windows XP Professional


19-inch LCD monitor

Image display modes

Full-screen display: 1,280 × 1,024 pixels
Reduced-size display: 640 × 480 pixels
Reduced-size display for adjustment: 320 × 240 pixels
Double-image simultaneous display: 640 × 480 pixels × 2 areas

Scanning modes

5 slow scan speeds
TV and Fast scan mode
Movable reduced area
HR Capture mode
Line scan mode
Spot analysis mode
Average concentration analysis mode
Split-screen/dual-magnification mode

Scanning rates

TV scan

Reduced display: 25/30*2 frames/s

Fast scan

Full-screen display: 6.25/7.5 frames/s

Slow scan

Full-screen display: 1/4/20/40/80 s/frame
Reduced-size display: 0.5/2/10/20/40 s/frame

Image data saving

640 × 480 pixels, 1,280 × 960 pixels, 2,560 × 1,920 pixels, 5,120 × 3,840 pixels

Image data printout

Report generation function included

Saved image data management

SEM Data Manager (image database/image processing function) included
Image data management
Thumbnail display
Various image processing function

External device connection

USB interface
Network interface (Ethernet

Other functions

Beam blanking (at the time of image freezing)
Raster rotation/tilt compensation/dynamic focus
CD measurement function (on displayed image/on saved image, each optionally available)
Alphanumetric and standard measurement function
Data bar (image numbar, accelerating voltage, magnification, micron bar, micron value, WD value, data/time)
Data input (drawing figure/character input)

Evacuation system

Automatic evacuation system

Full-auto pneumatic valve method

Ultimate vacuum

Electron gun chamber: -7Pa
Specimen chamber: -4Pa

Vacuum pump

Ion pump, 40 L/s, ×2
Magnetic-bearing-type turbo-molecular pump, 300 L/s, ×1
Oil rotary pump, 135 L/min (162 L/min)
*2, ×2

Vacuum gauge

Penning vacuum gauge, Pirani vacuum gauge ×2

Contamination removal

Anti-contamination trap



*1:Deceleratlon mode: Option
*2:50 Hz/60 Hz
*3:Ethernet is a trade name of Xerox Corporation USA. GUI dlsplay feature includes optional functions.
         All the monitor screen images are pictures simulated at printing.
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