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Data Acquisition Analysis System Wave Stocker

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● The system composed of Charge Amplifier

● VM-1980/3, simultaneous sampling unit

● VM-0330/16,data record software ” Wave Stocker”

● This is the really useful equipment which our Solution Team
developed using their experience obtained at their customer’ s site.

● Simultaneous measurement by with sampling of max.16 channels is possible, enabling easy waveform analysis. This can be used for versatile tasks as the measurement at the site, inspection and R & D.
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  • Small size, light weight
  • Expandable up to 16 channels
  • High speed data transfer by Gigabit Ethernet
  • Voltage input enables data acquisition or analysis of any other data than vibration’s.
  • Simple operation trough user friendly interface
  • Long term continuous data acquisition is possible by the versatile logger function


Waveform Acquisition

The waveforms of up to 16 channels are displayed. Arbitrary data observation as of real time waveforms (sole),
FFT plots (sole) or waveform and FFT plot (dual) are possible during the measurement is proceeding.
Various setup operation as data acquisition, halt and stop etc, are possible to be made like the home video recorder.


 Analysis setup screen

Condition setup screen 



Data to be used for the later processing or analysis as inter-channel calculation, filtering, waveform edit FFT (Spectrum)analysis, differentiation, integration, DC removal etc are saved in the form of text file and the commercialized software as Excel can be used.




Software DS-0330 Specifications

Analysis Tools


Analysis 000 Data Record Tool

Concept : This is a tool for waveform data pre-processing.

The real time sampling data out of 16ch A/D unit are filed.

Data required for the function as of waveform monitoring, regeneration, analysis are outputted or filtered out. And original waveforms or FFT Analysis graphs for 16Ch are available. Measurements can be monitored in real time. This is an essential item to use other analysis tools.

  • Acquisition of 16ch.
     Sampling output
  • Text File Output
  • Printing
  • Data display between cursors
  • Waveform monitoring
  • Analysis Line number
  • ME' scope record mode
  • Triggering
  • Data Recording
  • FFT Real time monitoring
     (Coherency, Transfer
  • Averaging
  • Logger Record
  • Window Functions
  • Weighing of Filtering
  • Data Saving

Analysis 001 Basic Analysis Tool

Concept : Used to make a quantitative comparison of data out of plural channels. This acts as a basic processing software to figure out the results of the analysis to be done later.

  • Frequency Analysis(FFT)
     :i) Contour Figure
  • 3D Display
  • Coherency
  • Cross Correlation
  • Transfer Function
  • Lissajous
  • Cross Spectrum
  • Auto Correlation

Analysis 002 Transport Environment Analysis Tool

Concept : Industrial products are exposed to the vibration to predict damage in transportation and life or durability in use after sales. The test source and test conditions are settled basing upon the data of the actual transport environments.

  • Frequency Analysis(FFT) 3D Display
  • Grouping
  • Cumulative Frequency Distribution

Analysis 003 Equipment Diagnosis Tool (1)

Concept : Used for detailed diagnosis of equipments, analysis evaluation for the trend management.

  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Synchronous Averaging
  • Probability Distribution
  • Cumulative Frequency
  • Histogram
  • Envelope
  • S-V Plot
  • FFT of Enveloping Result
  • Moving Average
  • Waveform Average

Analysis 004 Equipment Diagnosis Tool (2)

Concept : Judgment is visually possible by observation of analysis result.

  • Order Analysis
  • Campbell Diagram
  • Polar Diagram
  • Cascade Diagram



Analysis 000 Data Record Tool is provided as standard. Other software are of option.



16 Channel Simultaneous Sampling Unit VM-0330/16 Specifications



Analog Input Function


Input CombinationDC/AC0.07Hz)

Constant Current3mA On-Off Possible for Amplifier build-in Sensor

A/D Converter Function

Sampling Frequency12.8kHz/chMAX


Amplifier Function

×1, ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50, ×100

Alarm Indication Function

Over Range LED light-on (HOLD)

Digital Input / Output Function

2 Inputs, 2 Outputs

Power Supply

DC12V(Exclusive AC Adapter)

Ambient Temperature / Humidity

050 2080%RH

Outward Size

240(W)×150(D)×55(H)mm 1.6kg



Charge Amplifier VM-1980 / 3 Hardware Specifications



Input Signal

Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Frequency Range


Charge Sensitivity Setting Range


Measurement Range

3.366000m/s2 for Charge Sensitivity 1.5pc/m2

Filter Freq. Characteristics

Low Frequency Cut-offThrough3Hz10Hz-18dB/0ct)

High Frequency Cut-offThrough1kHz10kHz-18dB/0ct)

Calibration Signal

160Hz±5V Sine Output

Alarm Indication Function

Over Range: Red LED light-on (HOLD)

Under Range: Green LED On / Off 1second HOLD

Power Supply

DC12VExclusive AC Adapter

Ambient Temperature / Humidity

050 2080%RH

Outward Size

240(W)×150(D)×35(H)mm 0.6kg

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