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High Accuracy Coolant Circulation Unit W-5030

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- Item: Specifications
- Usable environment: Room temperature: 5 - 30°C, RH: 70% or less
- Cooling water temperature: 20°C
- Water pressure: 95/127 kPa (lift: 9.5/12.7 m) (50/60 Hz)
- Water flow: 27/31 liters/min. (maximum)
- A flow regulator valve is built in.
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The W-5030 closed water circulator is for use on scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and atomic absorption spectrophotometers (AAs).
It supplies cooling water in a closed system and saves running on cost of water.




  • The W-5030 operates in linkage with the SEM from starting to closing. When the SEM is closed, the W-5030 closes its operation automatically after cooling the DP.
  • It requires no plumbing for water supply and drain.
  • It saves on water consumption as it operates with water in the builtin container. No extra water supply is required.
  • When freezing of water is anticipated, anti-freeze can be used for the cooling water.
  • When there is an unexpected water leak from tubing of the W-5030 and SEM (or AA), maximum volume of water is in the container. There is no continuous flow of water from the pipeline.
  • A new coolant of HFC-134a has been used for environmental protection purposes.




Item Specifications
Usable environment Room temperature: 5 - 30°C, RH: 70% or less
Cooling water temperature 20°C
Water pressure 95/127 kPa (lift: 9.5/12.7 m) (50/60 Hz)
Water flow 27/31 liters/min. (maximum)
A flow regulator valve is built in.
Water container About 16 liters (A level meter is buill in.)
Cooling capacity 0.89/1.02 kW (770/880 kCal/h) (Cooling water 20°C, Room 30°C, ±5%) 50/60 Hz
Coolant HFC-134a (about 300 g)
Heat generation 1.5 kW (1,300 kCal/h)
Power Single phase AC 100 V (±10%), 1.5 kVA (50/60 Hz)
Weight 70 kg including cooling water in container
Dimensions 40 (w) × 45 (d) × 67 (h) cm
Remote operation signal input Contact a, AC 100V (other voltages at option)
Emergency power off signal input Contact a
Others Casters are built in.
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